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    Feng Shui Highlights of Service

  • Individual and Family Consulting
  • Businesses – Self-Employed, Medium Sized Businesses, Corporations and Industries
  • Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment, Health and Wellness
  • Fashion, Beauty, Glamour
  • Branding and Marketing, Events
  • Single, Multifamily Housing, High-Rise Buildings
  • Malls and Business Centers
  • Real Estate – Buying, Selling and Investing
  • Property Diagnostics and Audits (i.e. T-Junction, Cul-De-Sac, Sick, Legal Disputes, Divorce, and Foreclosure Properties) Remedies, Clearance Certification
  • Builders, Developers, Renovators and Stagers
  • Speaking Engagements – Customized Lectures for Industry Specifics
  • Training Courses and Certification, Seminars, Workshops, Lectures and Fundraisers

*Please get in touch with us for further information about our Feng Shui services. 

Feng Shui Fusion is About More Than Just Transforming Your Space. It’s About Transforming Your Life.

Feng Shui is a metaphysical science that can be fully explained by logic. It has nothing to do with religion or superstitions. It is the art of living in harmony with the environment. Feng Shui deals with the energies around us and assists us to understand its field and pattern and helps us to bring harmony in our homes and offices by directing them in right manner, so that we can live a life with good health, wealth, prosperity and happiness.

Your dwelling, including the physical structure and every object within it, contains an energy field. The color of the walls, the size and shape of your sofa, the wooden floors, furniture, curtains, the plumbing and electricity, the amount of sunlight, the smells and tastes, the garden/garage, all water elements, the photos and artwork constitute your energy environment that affects you on daily basis. Each item living or non-living has an energy field that continually interacts with your personal energy. Your home is not simply a place to crash after a long day at work. Like the fish in the water, you are swimming in pool of energies as you interact with your environment. If you have to swim in the energy, it needs to be positive and healthy, or you may be sabotaging yourself.

Energies in your home have everything to do with the energy in your life. Dwelling that radiates love, happiness and prosperity present those same feelings and opportunities for you. You are attached to each object by an invisible energy cord. This is where Feng Shui Fusion comes in; while other design companies may focus on just interior design or just Feng Shui – the Design Einstein has developed a way to perfectly blend both styles of design into creating a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also helps to improve the lives of those who experience it.

Research indicates, building and interior can have profound influence on our health, wealth and our psychic and spiritual well-being. Harmony and Balance, light and colour, relationship to landscape, ecological sympathy, energy efficiency and geometric form are contributing elements to our shelter which aspires to be nurturing rather than draining. We resonate at both cellular and consciousness levels with our environment. By creating an environment around us that is supportive to both our inner and our outer senses, we can enhance rather than alienate our human links with nature.

Designs in architecture and interior, when employed as a means of embodying principles of universal harmony can sustain us rather than drain us, so that our homes become our heavens, and our work places support our creativity.

Feng Shui Fusion is the science used in the planning, designing and in construction of structure in ancient time such as: temples, churches, mosques, holy wells, and religious arts. It was also noticeably found in palaces, forts, ancient and gothic architecture as well as in ancient civilization city planning. By following the foot prints of the earlier generations, we can bring this ancient practice of achieving well-being to life.

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