Project Administration

While the design itself is an important element of interior design, how a project is administered is integral to the overall success of a project, and it is crucial that the project is managed properly from the start to finish. Since Design Einstein is a full-service interior design firm, every client is entitled to and has full transparency of the project at each stage, without any of the hassles with the daily management responsibilities. The client need only focus on being a part of the simple design choices such as color preferences or the material selection, that will help their vision come to life. When choosing an interior designer it is important that they understand not only your vision for what you want your space to look like but that they know every part of the process required to make that happen. Design Einstein understands and excels at each step from concept to creation to completion, and will give you a stress-free experience in designing your perfect space.

We pride ourselves on delivering each project on time, to rate and to the maximum quality in an effective manner, and with negligible interruptions to your daily life. Our firm will monitor your construction project, quality, progress, and cost – while providing support such as trade management and supervision. We will also assist by coordinating with other professionals, review building code standards and bylaws and periodically troubleshoot your project for minimal disruptions. Your project will benefit from regular site reviews to improve project performance and edit design details not always apparent during the drawing phase. Design Einstein represents each client with utmost care to make sure design implementation is defined in our drawings. Between concept and completion, we make sure that your project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Please get in touch with us for further information about our Project Administration services by calling 604-760-4858.